My husband and myself with our little ball of fluff, Chewy!
He was totally copping an attitude with us that day and refusing to look at the camera *LOL*

Hmm, what can I say...

I am an unfinished painting, a half decorated cake, a partly knitted sweater.  I am a constant work in progress.  Just when I think I'm all set, I unweave myself and start all over again!

I went to school for psychology and doing absolutely nothing in that field - if you don't count analyzing my own friends and family *LOL*  At the moment, I work full time in the business-y side of an educational institution handling financial accounts and other fun numbers stuff.  I constantly gravitate towards the creative when I'm not talking money or trying to balance figures.  

My mom and I own and operate (I use this term very loosely) a wedding decorating business.  We provide fresh/silk flowers for wedding parties and decorations and centrepieces.  I dabble in papercrafting - scrapbooking and cardmaking - and by dabble I mean that I have an entire room that I fondly call my scraproom and according to my friends and family, it kind of resembles a craft store.  I was also lucky enough to have some of my crafty submissions accepted to be featured in some papercrafting magazines.  Adjacent to this room in the basement apartment of my house is a kitchen that I have laid claim as my baking room!  This is where the "magic" happens - and by magic I mean baking catastrophes and hysterical breakdowns all while covered in icing sugar and/or cake remnants.

While taking a papercrafting break, my friend and I decided on a whim that we were going to take up cake decorating because Michael's kept advertising that tuition was 50% off!  We found out later that it was because they were going to hold our wallets hostage while we buy ALL the tools to actually bake and decorate a cake! *LOL*  While I'm not complaining, my husband is beginning to look at my baking area with growing alarm every time he ventures down there!

I've also taken up running and have participated in a number of 5K events and am currently turning my interest to golfing!  My husband and I are also leaders of our local church group's youth ministry and choir coordinators!

Basically, I love to be in constant motion.  I love to be learning new things and tucking different skills under my belt!  I also put a lot of value into creative and handmade items.  I love putting 100% into anything I undertake and I love the feeling of satisfaction and pride after a job well done! 

I am loud (or so they say, I just like to think that my voice carries rather well!) and I laugh a LOT!  Apparently, I also can't be brief when I write!  I was pretty sure I started this not even knowing what to say!

In my spare time - the little bits here and there! - I LOVE to read and have no idea how I managed to store all my books before I got my eReader! Bart and I are big movie buffs and we love to occasionally geek out with video games on the XBOX! 

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