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Hel-looo Sugar 'n' Sweets sweeties!

I have just been made aware that my chosen title is also a television reality series or something - that is separate and different from Jersey Shore.  How my husband of all people knows this, I have no idea and I'm not entirely sure I want to ask *LOL* He's had a lot of "working from home" moments lately, so I'm starting to think Mr. Bart isn't all work and no play!  And here he was pretending to complain when I wanted to watch Toddlers and Tiaras!

Aaaanywho, after all of that, I kind of thought I would use that title because for me May and June seemed to be the hockey jersey rage - and by rage, I mean that I made two of them! Hehehe, I'm not really trying to exaggerate, but since I only make a few cakes a month, they've never been the same thing in a row, is all!

A friend on Facebook was SUPER kind enough to recommend me to her friend who had mentioned to her that he was looking for a cake!  So after they checked out my cake photos, I got an awesome message that totally turned my day around.  Have you ever noticed how much MORE work than usual you have to do just so you can go on vacation?  For that week, it felt like EVERYTHING under the work sun needed to be done before I left and the world would end if I didn't do it, so I was a little harried when I got the message and like they say, it turned my frown upside down!  They were interested in a Washington Capitals jersey for their son's birthday - an Ovechkin jersey more specifically.  I love making jersey cakes after I had made Dwayne's Leaf's one so I was excited to try out a new logo. 

CONFESSION: I think I got thrown off by the specific hockey player's jersey and I ended up doing the back of the jersey to really show that it was Ovechkin's jersey.  I think it looked a little more simple than it would have had I done the front of the jersey and part of me wishes that I had done the front and just put Ovechkin's number on the sleeves, but that's neither here nor there now, I guess!  All that matters is that the birthday boy and his parents loved their cake and from the awesome message I got after, it sounded like they did! *insert warm fuzzy feelings here*

The funny thing about making this jersey was that I thought it would be pretty simple and straight forward, which it was, but the fact that the part that I thought was the simplest took the most time! *LOL*  I think I spent about 4 hours altogether looking for the PERFECT Washington Capitals font for the jersey!  Once THAT got taken care of, everything else fell into place like I was expecting, but whew! Who woulda thunk that looking at over 150 different font types of the number 8 could be so difficult! And none of them were exactly just right! (Just as a sidenote in case you were wondering, I get most of my fonts at

Each letter and number also got teeny tiny pinpricks all around the perimeter of each colour to give it that "stitched" look.  Wasn't the BIGGEST fan of making the eagle though because of all the small little pieces, but of course, I think that's what really made the cake a Capitals jersey, so I can't dislike it too much!

Next jersey cake!

This one was a tricky one - even though I consider all my customers important, this one was slightly more nervewracking as it was for my boss' daughter! *LOL* Her daughter is a HUGE Boston Bruins fan and after my boss had seen my other jersey cakes, she knew that her daughter would really love a Boston jersey for her birthday cake.  The only thing I really knew about Boston Bruins was that there was a LOT of black and to me, that translates into black fondant which I didn't really recommend since I'm not the biggest fan of eating black fondant!  But thank goodness, there are home jerseys and then there are AWAY jerseys which had a lot more white than black elements!

Gotta say that after my nit picking moments with Washington's eagle, this was pretty fun to do, minus the fact that there are a lot of layers to this!  I have to say I was really happy with how the logo turned out as well as the rest of the cake - I guess I'd been getting a lot of practice!

I took this photo right after I made the cake and after getting some sleep and looking at it again the next morning, I thought it would be a shame to not have the birthday girl's name anywhere, so I added it at the bottom of the cake board and used the same jersey font in yellow and black so it just like how the name would have been written on the back of the jersey, but with her name.  I try really hard not to look at cakes I've done after I've declared it done because I always tend to keep adding and adding, but I was really happy with this last addition prior to delivery!

Aaaah! All done, packed up and ready to GO!  I was lucky enough to find these awesome cake boxes that have a nice clear cutout on top to allow for sneak peeks without trying to wrestle the box open!  As I'm typing, it ocurred to me how it looked like a shirt box and I was starting to regret that I didn't put it on a bed of tissue paper to make it look like how a real jersey may have been wrapped up as a gift!  Ah well, you learn something with each cake!

Well, that's it for me today!  I'm still sadly very far behind in my blogging and still trying to play catch-up!  I hope to get a lot more blogged over the next few days because I've got some awesome projects coming up!

Thanks so much for stopping by! As always...

Stay Sweet,

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Oh my goodness those are AMAZING! Wow.

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