Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sparkles and treats make life so sweet!

Buongiorno mie caramelle!

It's been a busy few weeks and today's post does a complete 180 from my last, testosterone-heavy, be all that you can be cake project!  While I had an awesome time stepping out of my comfort zone, I have to admit that it felt nice and at home to go back to the sparkly, pretty things - and what better way to get back into the girly-girl swing of things than a jewelry/dessert party?!  For lack of a better word: SWEET!

Confession: I have a little bit of party planning OCD.  When I say I'm going to host a party, I can't just clean the house, open a bag of chips and tell guests to BYOB.  I think color schemes, themes, decorations and the little details that require an alarming amount of time consumption.  Unfortunately, with the other things I piled on my plate (last week's tank cake right before leaving for the States and then starting up a night course, plus everything else I already have going on), I embarassingly let a few details slip between my fingers and I forgot my party labels.  So travesty that it was, the party guests had to each desserts without them being properly labelled! *LOL*

The place all cleaned up and ready for a party!  All that's left is some JEWELRY to play with!

Setting up the refreshment station!  A girl can't focus and shop without the proper hydration, of course!

In case the guests forget where they are AND they're thirsty, some water bottles to help out with both!

What goes best with fancy, pink, white and black desserts?  Sparkly, pink champagne of course!

...and some deliciously bubbly, tropical sangria and non-alcoholic fruit punch!

Jewelry's here!  Let's set up!  Loved how everything got laid out between the treats.  Try a couple pieces on, eat a cakepop.  Try on a couple more pieces of jewelry on and then grab a cupcake!  It's a win-win situation all around!

And the piece de resistance...

Gotta say that I really enjoyed how this cake turned out!  I envisioned it to be a bit taller, but it still turned out alright, I think!  For those not familiar with the line, last year's line had flower pieces that I tried to recreate in umpaste/fondant form and since I recommended that no one eat the flowers, I took the liberty of adding non-edible sticky rhinestones to the centres because it was pretty!

We didn't get a chance to cut the cake during the party since we were so full from the cupcakes and cakepops (and CONFESSION: I may have been slighty sloshed on my delicious tropical, sparkly sangria by this point), so I took the cake in to work and we had a lovely cake party yesterday!

I thought I would give the ombre cake layer idea a shot and split two batches of batter into three bowls and just added increasing amounts of gel color.  I kind of feel like the top two layers are too simliar and I should have went with a lighter hand at the top layer or applied more color to the other two layers, but that was my first shot at it and I loved how it turned out.  It doesn't hurt for a cake to be pretty on the inside as well as the outside! 

Didn't get really fancy with the cake overall.  I tried to keep the design of the cake simple and minimalistic to showcase the flowers and I was really going for a jewelry chain look for the bottoms of the cakes.  The cakes were just plain vanilla with a vanilla buttercream and for the top tier, I went with the tried and true Nutella and Skor bits filling.

I've got a bit of a "cake break" this week to get some homework done and to prep for next weekend's project: my very first wedding cake!

After that, May's going to be a bit of a whirlwind as I will be Stateside for a little under a week to party it up with my super sassy crafty friends Ann and Marti and then I'm back in Canada for five days before I get back on a plane and head for fabulously sunny CUBA!  Right now, that thought is all I'm holding on to while it gusts and SNOWS outside as I type!

Until the next project friends, stay warm and as always...

Stay Sweet,

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