Sunday, March 25, 2012

*sniff sniff*

I feel like I've been in hibernation. 
Just a lone, chubby little bear hanging out in my cave until all of a sudden *sniff sniff*

Is that...cake?

I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense since I'm the one who made the cake in the first place, but I really wanted to use that *LOL*

I didn't really mean to take a month or two off, go figure that when it's just starting to get busy for me again, I decide I want to play around with cake flavors.  It's no fun if you're only a little busy, right!?

I've enjoyed my time off and I've actually made a few batches of cupcakes for a birthday or two - I guess they didn't come across as blog-worthy, though.  But it looks like my cake-break is over for a bit and I've got to work out some careful planning if I want to make sure I finish everything I've got on my plate! 

This week is a short week for me with a conference I have coming up this Thursday and Friday.  Just typing doesn't really do it much justice because what I really mean is CoOoOoOoOOoONFEReEeeEEeeeNCE!  It's my first ever and I'm super duper excited!  We're taking a train up and staying overnight!  So that also means that that's minus two evenings of cake baking.  This Saturday is UBER busy with two kids' birthday parties, a fundraising pageant and then my oldest friend's birthday party later that evening as well.  I was asked to do the cakes for the kids' parties, but regrettably, I had to turn them down because of all the comittments we had, but I will be making a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey cake for my friend and her husband.  Twenty-five years of friendship definitely trumps a lot of things, I'd say :)

The week after Easter, I will be heading south of the (Canadian) border for a fun-filled weekend of SHOPPING with a BFF and the hubster!  We have painstakenly researched our hotels and gotten the bestest deal so that we could use the money we saved for what else?  SHOES! 

But BEFORE we leave for that trip, I've got an army tank cake to make and deliver!

THEEEEEN the weekend after that, I've got a jewelry and dessert party to bake for - which I'm also VERY excited about!  I've got a big cake and fondant jewelry display planned out with cake pops and cupcakes and peach and mango sangria and PINK champagne!  It's been duly noted that I've gone overboard with the planning and execution but, meh!  It's a jewelry and dessert party!

The week after that I've got an old high school friend's wedding to bake for and then after that a cake for each month until July :)

Thought I'd keep you updated that even though I've been MIA for a bit, it looks like I'll be coming back with a vengeance!  See you soon, but as always...

Stay Sweet,

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