Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Tweets

  • 5:05 PM End of the work day: Coming up for air! Did you guys know it's GORGEOUS out? Only got to see it now...when it's almost over :(
  • 5:14 PM It's Movember! Note to self, don't ask guys if they're growing that funny mustache for Movember, it's uber awkward when the answer is no! :s
  • 7:29 PM Hope it's good!
  • 7:29 PM I unlocked the In Time Box Office sticker on !
  • 11:23 PM I believe I just baked my best-est, dense-est, moist-est cake yet! I can't stop gawking at it! ...and most of it was from *gasp* cake mix!

Stay Sweet,


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