Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Tweets

  • 08:01 AM Good morning! I'm going to be THAT tweeter and say: 4 more days 'til I see Breaking Dawn! I'm colon capital d!
  • 08:14 AM I'm wearing pants...that have buttons!
  • 07:16 PM Bacon and eggs for dinner and the first season of The Big Bang Theory! *LOVE*
  • 07:54 PM I heart Sheldon!
  • 08:58 PM TrebleTones are killin' it!
  • 11:15 PM Jess put her turkey Hank, in the dryer for Hanksgiving! Hands down, my favourite show EVER!
  • 11:46 PM There's a summary at the beginning of Inheritance because it took so long to come out that nobody remembers what happened before.
Stay Sweet,

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