Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Obviously I don't get my SUPER AWESOME BAKER badge for allowing Halloween to come and go without ANY baked goods of any sort.  I especially don't get the super DUPER awesome baker badge for allowing Halloween to come and go without making any Halloween-themed baked goods.

...I'm not exactly Halloween-inclined. *wince* ...and black and orange isn't my favourite colour combination.  Okay, that last one was weak considering how awesome black, orange, green and purple are.  Especially GLITTERY black, orange, green and purple!

To be completely honest, today was a nightmare without having a bunch of people dress up all scary-like and jump out from around the corner yelling BOO!  I know I may have mentioned that I was worried about work before, so I am telling myself to keep my complaining in check, but today was...difficult.   

Ah well, good news is that part of it was difficult because it was so busy! So YAY for busy!

No baking project today but I've got a weightlifting/farewell to Florida cake for the end of this week, so I'll be a busy bee in the kitchen!

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

Stay Sweet,

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